Sunday, October 26, 2014

Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny...Sometime

After a spell of not seeing bunnies, they have returned and are everywhere!

Recently we had four bunnies in the backyard. 

That made for much Cat Entertainment TV.

Mostly the bunnies appear oblivious to the cats. 

Though upon occasion, they go on High Alert. 

After all, what are those long ears for anyway, if not listening. 

Solomon and his father, Tom-Cat spent an agreeable morning on a rustic bench watching the Outside World.  
They hope you have a chance to enjoy the Great Outdoors this weekend.


Margaret said...

It's so cool how all your cats are related to each other. Love the bunnies, but the pic of Solomon and his dad is great! Hope Solomon is doing better.

Barb said...

Such cute bunny photos ! The cats are cute too! We are also having lots of storms. Many folks lost power in Sat.'s big blow. We were lucky.

Wanda said...

Beth, what a great picture of Solomon and Tom Cat (I didn't realize they were son and father). I hope Solomon is improving. I keep thinking about him. I really enjoyed 'your' bunnies and the pictures of the hummingbirds in your previous post.

Melanie said...

Nice to Solomon back on the prowl. :)

Maggee said...

I was just wondering what happened to all the bunnies when we took a walk the other day! I will still be on the lookout these last few good days before the weather really turns! Hugs!