Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cats in Progress and Birds on Branches

October is Owl Stitching month. But I still have two Cats in Progress.
On the left is Mosey 'n Me's "Folk Art Cat" and the right Barrick Sampler's "Log Cabin Cat".
If you look closely you'll notice there is a cat photo bomb on the upper right corner. Tom-Cat had to check out my stitching. 

I've been watching birds on branches.

The Ceder Waxwings will perch atop a small Douglas Fir...

...or the dead branches of a Big Leaf Maple.

I am seeing smaller groups of 8-10 birds.

Not to be outdone, the Goldfinches show that like the Waxwings, they too can line up in a row single file.

Here's another Tree Topper.  A Robin.
With the recent rains the Robins have returned.

Here's a trio of Branching Birds. 
The Acorn Woodpecker on the left. Next to him facing away is a Ceder Waxwing, and on the far right a Robin. 

The California Quail do not even need a tree.  They find a bramble of blackberries provides a good watch tower platform.

The Downy Woodpecker likes the Big Leaf Maples, but will also pose as a finial on a Douglas Fir.

My Lesser Goldfinches wait to use the feeders from the safety of the Hazel brush.

Perhaps this bird on a branch is the reason why!


Giovanna said...

Great starts on your cats - just as good as owls for October, as far as I'm concerned :-)

Frances N said...

Beautiful bird photos--just lovely!
Am anxious to see the kitties! I know they will be fun!

Brenda A said...

Cats and owls. You just need to add red pandas and you'd have all of my favorite animals covered! Looks lovely!

cucki said...

So lovely ;)

Margaret said...

Love those cat WIPs. So much fun! Love the bird pics too. I always enjoy your pictures -- and am always amazed at your photographic ability!

Maggee said...

Folk Art Cat is going to be adorable, as is the Log Cabin cat! Great bird sightings still! Hugs!

Pam in IL said...

WooHoo, two more WIPs getting stitched! Can't wait to see the finishes.

Lots of birds to see. We're not seeing many robins around here lately although I don't think they've migrated yet.

Barb said...

The little lesser goldfinch is so cute. We heard a woodpecker while sitting on the deck. It was deep in the woods so I'm not sure what kind it was. It was not real big though, so not a pileated.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I like the look of your new stitch choices Beth. Love the cute toes getting in on the act.

Wanda said...

Love your cat stitches! We were so excited to see two robins this week as they should be leaving soon. What a great picture of the acorn, cedar waxwing and a robin all together!