Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making Marigolds

I've been working away making marigolds. It doesn't look like much but it took me two long sessions to get the blossoms stitched.

Down in my sister's garden there are lots of pollinators who appreciate have October's Marigolds!

We had a break in our days of rain, so I took a walk. 

I like how the light plays in the forest this time of year.

The Sword Fern is the carpet of a thick Douglas Dir forest.

Some plants get ready for spring in autumn. The Hazel have set catkins already.

And with a bit of rain, the Vine Maple has rewarded me with a bit of fall color.

Looking at our dry creek bed though it is obvious that we still need rain, rain, and yet more rain.

The Quarry Pond looks a bit better - not as slimy as it did in September.  There are oodles of young bullfrogs.  Can you spot the two in this photo?

Rose hips are my favorite fall color I think. 

Here's a weird fungus of some sort.  I'm hoping with more rain to see a mushroom or two.

This is the current mix of fall leaves: Bog Leaf Maple, Ash, Cottonwood, and Oak.  I like the smell of wet, decaying Oak leaves. Do you have smells that remind you of autumn?

Solomon Update: Outwardly he appears to be improving.  We are supposed to get results of some blood work today which will show if his liver has improved and his white cell blood count has dropped. 


Vickie said...

Those marigold stitches are so very cool!
Solomon is still in my prayers. I am glad he seems to be slightly improved.

Frances N said...

I think your stitching is lovely! Looks great!
I'm glad to hear that Solomon is improving and certainly hope he will continue to get better. It's so hard when a sweet pet is sick. Please keep us posted.

Margaret said...

Hope you get good news on Solomon's blood work. Love the marigolds, both real and stitched. Lovely walk too!

Wanda said...

Beth, I have been thinking about you and Solomon - thank you for the update and fingers crossed.
Love the cross stitch - another beautiful monthly stitch! What a fabulous picture of the marigold in your sister's garden.
I can't decide if it's the stunning colour of some maple trees in the fall that is my favourite or if it is the colour of rosehips!

Barb said...

What a great walk! With some effort, I spied the frogs. Will keep Soloman in my thoughts and hoping for the best!!!

Sally said...

Love those marigolds! This piece is just so pretty.

Beautiful photos from your walk.

I hope Solomon's blood work brings some good news.

Anna van Schurman said...

I must have never seen a hazel before because I've definitely never seen a catkin!

Maggee said...

Gorgeous marigolds, on fabric and in the ground! Great nature walk! You always have something fascinating to share with us! Thanks!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday Beth but for some reason I couldn't. I was just saying that the marigold photo is so pretty and colourful.

Barb said...

Glad Solomon is feeling better. Hope the antibiotics work for him. Love seeing the Stitching, Deer and cat pictures.