Monday, October 13, 2014

Adding Orange

On Sunday I picked up "October's Marigold" after a couple of week's hiatus. I stitched the black cat, the orange moon, and the eyes and mouths of all the pumpkins.  I also stitched the sentiment.  All that is left to do - the marigolds!

Changes continue in the Bird World as we transition from summer to fall.
Most of the Band-tailed Pigeons have left - I have a small flock of 6-7 birds lingering on.

The Swallows are gone as are most of the Turkey Vultures.

On the plus side, the Golden-crowned Sparrows have returned.

There are more Juncos around.

And I'm hearing and seeing lots more Black-capped Chickadees. 


The Red-breasted Nuthatches are active as well.

They prefer the protection of a conifer forest.  

So they are most active at the feeder in my sister's Dahlia garden.

The California Quail come by daily.

My beloved Annas are permanent residents and I can count on seeing them literally every day of the year.


Wanda said...

Beth, October's Marigold is beautiful! The colours are gorgeous! We are also being entertained by juncos, nuthatchers and chickadees.

Margaret said...

I really love the October piece -- it's wonderful, even without the marigolds! Beautiful birds too, of course. Been away all weekend so I'm catching up!

Carol said...

Really love this WIP so much, Beth--can't wait to see it all finished up!

Maggee said...

Great pictures, as always! Hubby is in agreement to start bird watching... so tomorrow we shall start gathering supplies and such! Yay!

Andrea said...

A great spooky piece.

Sally said...

I love October's Marigold. The colours are stunning. I fear I won't get to this one this year as I'm still on July!