Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Hummer Care

The Thursday morning low was 22f! 

When the temperatures drop below about 28f, I take the feeders inside for the night, and bring them back out at first light.

I had a couple of female Anna's who instantly flew in for a drink.

They expend even more calories than usual when the weather is below freezing.

When the temps stay below freezing for the day, I rotate my feeders.  One outside, the other inside warming up, and then trade them out every 2-3 hours. 

There are little heaters for hummingbird feeders, I might have to invest in one.


Robin in Virginia said...

Beth, you are such a good hummer Mom. Since we only have them during the summer months, I didn't know there were little heaters for their feeders.

Kristen Strong said...

You take such good care of your birds, Beth.

RJ said...

These hummers are so pretty Beth. Thank you for taking such good care of them. RJ

Barb said...

Love those photos ,Beth. Let me know how the heaters work if you decide to get one. I am very tempted.

Stewart M said...

I like the idea of a hummer-heater! I'd take care of them if they were mine too!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Mary said...

I've never seen a hummer in the winter here, I agree, treat those hummers to a heated water for Christmas.

Maggee said...

Do you think they would like heated water? Or is it just a heater, period? Inquiring mind here... Cute little guys! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!