Sunday, December 17, 2017

Heated Hummers

Cold, cold, cold! 

Our morning lowest of lows this past week were 19f and 17f. 
As with any temperatures below 28f, I bring the hummingbird feeders in at night and put them out again in the morning.  

But even then, I was having to rotate the feeders as the sugar water was freezing up after being out a few ours.

So as I mentioned last week, I decided to invest in a heater for one of the feeders, so that in theory I could leave it out all night and have hummingbirds able to feed at first light. 

You can see the clips for the heater in this photo.
What does it look like you ask? Did it work?

This is what it looks like - like a red Solo cup attached to the bottom of the feeder.

There is a small very low watt bulb in the cup, and an electrical cord, plus an extension cord that is plugged into an outlet. The bulb works keeping the sugar water ice free to temperatures of about 15f, lower than that I'd still have to bring the feeder inside at night.

And yes, that's a male Acorn Woodpecker partaking of some sugar water!

He spent several minutes at the feeder...

...and took several long drinks.

I did have 'regular' water available from a fountain in the front and back of the house. One fountain is right below this feeder.

Maybe he wanted something sweet and the additional calories the sugar provides.

 He's certainly the largest bird I've ever had at a hummingbird feeder.


Robin in Virginia said...

What great shots of the Acorn Woodpecker enjoying a tasty sweet treat! I hope the heater is helping to keeps things thawed.


Oh you are so good to the critters--thank you--
wonderful photos and thanks for sharing--
enjoy the moments, di

kelly tadlock said...

What beautiful birds! Thanks for caring for them!

RJ said...

What a great idea to have a heater for the water Beth. The acorn woodpecker is so sweet enjoying the treat you left for him. RJ

Maggee said...

I chuckled seeing the Acorn Woodpecker at the Hummingbird feeder... It reminded me of the Cornell Cams in Texas. They got swarmed by Acorn Woodpeckers all summer long! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!