Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry Winter to You!

Design - "Merry Winter"
Designer - Homespun Elegance
Fabric - 28 count Amber linen
Fibers - Belle Soie Silks - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 15 December 2010
Completed - 19 December 2010

Let's check in with our Winter Woodpeckers.

The male Hairy Woodpecker shows up most days.

He tends to 'talk' while he eats - a loud clear "peep!".

And my small troop of Acorn Woodpeckers are munching peanuts to beat the band.


Blurry photo sorry - female on left and male on right.

I got excited because I thought this was a male and female.
but upon closer examination, it is two males.

At the same time there was a female up in a tree, so I thought I had two females, but no, that was not the case. 

I tend to see the males more frequently than the female bird.

I like their strong colors and big sharp black bill.

And here's a male Flicker.

Some mornings I see as many as four Flickers at the same time.

The male and this female Flicker were both waiting for Acorn Woodpeckers to leave so that they might have a turn at the feeders.

The Flickers like to hop through this small maple tree...

..and then hop onto the suet feeder.
Here's an Acorn Woodpecker and a Flicker.
Woodpeckers Rule!


Babs said...

Merry Winter to you too :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Oh I recognize this design and I stitched it and finished it! It is so appropriate for this cold winters day.

Mary said...

We are having a deep freeze in appropriate stitch for today!! I'm becoming more drawn to Quaker style stitches, this is a sweet one. You are so lucky to have so many varieties of woodpeckers come to your feeder. I would love to see a Flicker....such gorgeous birds.

RJ said...

Beth this is a great little stitch I had not seen before. I like Homespun Elegance charts alot. My husband and son saw a woodpecker on their kayak trip Wednesday but I missed out. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Frances N said...

Love that sweet little stitch!
And your woodpeckers and flickers are beautiful!
I love all your feeders together!

Barb said...

Merry Winter is such a very pretty design. I love seeing all the woodpeckers. I just set out our suet so I am hoping to attract a group of them.