Friday, December 8, 2017

A Santa Stitch

Back in the 1990's I used to stitch the newest Heart in Hand and Lizzie Kate Santas each year. I'd fallen out of the habit of doing so, when this year's Wee Santa 2017 caught my eye - more for the color of the fabric (Aztec Red) than the design.

Only three kinds of woodpeckers this week.  Here they are:

I've not seen a female Hairy Woodpecker for several weeks, but a male continues to come by daily.

The cylinder feeder is his favorite, though he also gulps down sunflower chips upon occasion. 

This Flicker seems to think that she can be a finial atop my bird feeders. 

She's kinda' cute!

I had to share this series of Flicker photos.

This male sat on a deer fence post and groomed.

He fluffed up...

Contorted to preen feathers...

Fluffed up even more...

...and contorted even more!

The Acorn Woodpeckers have been everywhere - including up on our chimney.

Here's two guys at the feeder each with a peanut.

Here they are again.

Woodpecker's tongue sticking out!

The two males and one female were all in this tree.

Here's the female.

Here are the two guys.

I'd thought there were two females, but if so that does not seem to be the case any longer.  Still three birds is a healthier group than just two, so no complaints.


Robin in Virginia said...

Look forward to seeing your newest Santa stitched up! I am chuckling here over the picture of the woodpecker sticking out his/her tongue.

Barb said...

Mr. Flicker is one beautiful bird!! Aztec red linen should make a very pretty and seasonal piece!

MaryO said...

Great photos Beth!Thanks

Mary said...

What great photos of the Flicker, I love the one with the bird finial.

Great new stitch and I love the red linen. Looking forward to today's visitors on your trail camera.

Carol said...

Such pretty woodpecker photos--especially of that handsome Flicker! And I love the Aztec red fabric you've chosen for your latest project. Will have to look into purchasing some for myself.

Maggee said...

I saw a Flicker in the wild today, but it was quite far away, so my picture just doesn't show it well. Your woodpecker shots are always so close and clear! Look forward to seeing your HIH Santa. Hugs!