Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday's Frosty Walk

Brr!  I hope you have a hat and mittens.

It's cold and frosty outside.

Even the bracken fern are coated with frost.

Icy teasle.

Hazel brush

Icy catkins on the hazel brush.

Last year's daisies.

Hawthorne berries - where are the Cedar Waxwings?

A leaf rimed with frost. 

This once was a cluster of blackberries.
Brr!  Time to come in out of the cold. 


Mary said...

How beautiful everything looks with the coating of frost! Lovely photos.

Vickie said...

Oh, I loved this walk Beth.

RJ said...

What a beautiful walk indeed. Thank you Beth. RJ

Barb said...

It is cold and frosty here too. But it sure is pretty from inside. We did get a lot of snow in the mountains yesterday!

Margaret said...

So much beauty! I haven't seen a frost like that in -- maybe never!

Carol said...

You've showcase winter's beauty at its finest, Beth!

Maggee said...

How pretty everything is, coated in frost! A true Winter Wonderland!