Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday's Hummers

I've only see male hummingbirds one day this week, so all my photos are of females like this Anna's. 

And this Rufous.

You get the idea.

I have lots of salvias and agastaches in bloom.

The hummers are thrilled.

They spend more time at the flowers than the feeders.

Rufous on alert.


Looking right

Looking left


LaNelle said...

Beth love the at my place in northern MN I noticed my males were missing already by 4th of July sure hoping that is not a sign of things to come!! I know they migrate first but.....I miss seeing them & brilliant colors😍

Stewart M said...

I saw a Humming Bird Hawk Moth today - which is about as close to a hummer as I can get without a trip to the US!

Cheers - Stewart M - Grindelwald, Switzerland

MaryO said...

Beautiful birds!

Frances N said...

I love all the beautiful hummers, but I really love the photo of the bird at the red flowers! That is really stunning!!

Maggee said...

LOVE them!