Saturday, July 8, 2017

June 2017 - Trail Camera #2

Early in June the camera fell over and when I set it up again, the brick support on the left shows in the photos - sorry! 

Steller's Jay on the camera and on the ground.

California Quail on the camera

Turkey Vultures having a bite to eat - we won't discuss what.

Taking off.

Lots of deer photos.

A deer and a bunny.

Last year's fawn.


Big ears for listening.

What's up?

The bobcat came by a couple of times...



CalamityJr said...

Love these photos! The trail camera shots are always interesting, but these seem clearer and crisper, if that makes sense. Such beautiful animals.

MaryO said...

What big ears you have m'deer!😀
Here kitty kitty!🐆

Maggee said...

I was out birding today, and turned down a street midtown and nearly bumped into a white tailed doe!! Urban big time!! Wow! Great pics as always! Hugs!