Monday, July 10, 2017

Bees and Birds

Come summer this collection of honey jars comes out.
I decided this year to display several of my finished bee skep stitches.
I think it makes for a nice summery display.

What's up with the woodpeckers?  I'm glad you asked.

Most morning I see an adult female Downy Woodpecker. 

She is still feeder her son.

The baby boy is every bit as large as she is.

She's a good mama.

And he's a cutie.

There is an adult male Downy as well. When he comes by, these two dart off.

Here's a female Hairy Woodpecker - I think a juvenile.

An adult male Hairy Woodpecker (red low on the back of the head).

Two Hairy Woodpeckers.

I have been so worried as for several days I did not see or hear my Acorn Woodpeckers.

Just about the time I was ready to freak out, I used my binoculars to find the two birds working at their granary tree.  Since then the male has been back at the feeders a couple of times.

Female Flicker.

Here she is showing off her tail feathers.

And here's the male.

I've heard a Pileated Woodpeckers a couple of mornings slowing and loudly thunking away, but I've not yet been able to locate the bird.


Vickie said...

Your honey jars and bee skep stitches are wonderful Beth!

CathieJ said...

The bird pictures are wonderful. I love your bee themed display.

Justine said...

That is a lovely display Beth. The birds are putting on a good show too!

Wanda said...

I love your display Beth! Your collection of bee things and your stitched pieces are beautiful. We have had downy woodpeckers with their babies as well as a hairy woodpecker family. I always love your pictures of acorn woodpeckers and flickers. Have a great week!

Barb said...

The combination of stitched pieces and honey things looks wonderful.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

A lovely display Beth.

LaNelle said...

Beth...gorgeous display 🐝 ....woodpeckers are wonderful as well!

Paisley said...

I love your honey pots!

We have a couple of woodpeckers that come around our feeder. One is a Hairy but I believe the other might be a Downy. I love watching them.

Maggee said...

That is a perfect display for summertime! I haven't seen so many in a collection before...very cute! And all your bee stitches go nicely in and around the bee skep jars. Love all the woodpeckers. Yesterday I saw a Pileated woodpecker attacking a bunch of leaves in a tree... but it was so dark, I could not make out what was REALLY there! Also heard, then saw a Red-bellied. It was a good day! As always, thanks for sharing with us! Hugs!

arcadia said...

What a nice display ! Love the woodpeckers, never saw one in true !

MaryO said...

Beautiful collection of honey jars. Lovely stitching and the pics are fantastic.


Carol said...

Your bee-themed display is wonderful! I don't know why, but I've been strangely drawn to bee charts lately. Haven't begun one yet, but I'm feeling the itch!