Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stars and Warblers

I am stitching away on "13 Stars". Five of them completed thus far. Two more almost done.

"Hey guys!  What's up with all the Warblers around here?"

For three or four days I had several young Orange-crowned Warblers morning and evening.  

The great thing was that the birds lingered...

...and posed.

They worked the Bracken fern looking for insects.

Here's a pair.

Pose on a wire on the fence.

Pose on a branch.

I could not stop taking pictures...

I even managed a couple of good close-ups///


Bird and blooms.

Three birds!

Chubby and fluffy in the morning sun.
I also saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler and a Tennessee Warbler but was not able to get photos of them.

I did manage a couple of this male Wilson's Warbler.

This is my first sighting of this bird for the summer.
Lots of Warblers, yes?


LaNelle said...

Stitching is looking wonderful....lucky you to have such a nice assortment of Warblers 🌻

MaryO said...

So beautiful!

Karyn said...

Just gorgeous, Beth! Thanks once again for sharing such sweet beauty with your friends.
Have a great day

Barb said...

You are lucky, the warblers are so pretty. I love the 13 Stars!! It is going to be very pretty!

Maggee said...

Wow!!!! Look at all those great pictures!! Awesome! Up until today, I don't think I even KNEW there were Black-throated Gray Warblers!! A Very Good Warbler day!! Congrats! Your Thirteen Stars is looking great... gotta go back and see the design again! Hugs!

Angie said...

The Wilson's Warbler is so precious! I am so glad you share all your birding photos with us!