Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday's Finish

Design - "July" (Flip-it)
Designer - Lizzie Kate
Fabric -32 count Country French Cafe Mocha
Fibers - GAST - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 16 July 2017
Completed - 17 July 2017

I really cracked this one out - in just two days.  I love the blue sailboat and the ripe, red strawberries. 

It's a good day to doze in the morning sunshine...or watch the birds.

I had several Hairy Woodpeckers all on the same tree.

First this one...

Then there were two...

And finally, if you look closely, there are three birds.
They were chattering and chasing one another around and around the tree.

The Flickers have been active.

A female and a male.

I think this is a young bird.

He has the plump, feathery look of a juvenile.

He was practicing hammering away on the deer fence post.

It was good to see my Acorn Woodpeckers again.
This is the female.

I fear that they did not have any success in raising young for a 2nd year in a row.  That is worrisome for the long term health of this small group.  

Here's the male.

I was delight to see and then find this male Pileated Woodpecker.

Look left...

...and then right.

My neighbor had three Pileated come by her feeders.
Color me green with envy!


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your July finish! I love Pavarti's expression in the picture. As always, great bird pictures.

Vickie said...

The July Flip It is so cute. Parvati is lovin' that sunshine!

Stewart M said...

Very nice pictures - it's been good to see and - mostly - hear some woodpeckers again on this trip.

You got the names of the mountain peaks correct!

Cheers - Stewart M - Geneva, Switzerland

Mary said...

The stitch is adorable! Very rewarding to do a quick one once in awhile.
You are so fortunate to see the pileated woodpecker, I get a thrill when I see them, they seem to be very reclusive here.
Have a great weekend, Mary

Carol said...

I do love a good woodpecker post, Beth! Especially those handsome flickers :) Your July finish is so cute--very patriotic with the red, white, and blue!

LeShawn said...

The woodpeckers look very vibrant. Love the color of them. The flickers are really cute too.

Barb said...

What a cute July finish!! Great photos of the woodpeckers,love seeing the pileated woodpecker!

RJ said...

Love your July flip stitch! And as always you take the very best bird photos. It amazes me how many different ones you see. RJ @ stitching friends forever

Justine said...

I love the LK finish and you stitched it so quickly! Beautiful birds as always. I love the flickers too.

deb said...

Wonderful pictures of the woodpeckers! And such great shots of the pileated woodpecker - have always wanted to see one of those!

Your July finish is adorable - those strawberries look so lucious - and you really zoomed through it.

Maggee said...

Cute little July finish! The Hairy woodpeckers might have been a family unit! I had a funny experience with woodpeckers... thought I saw a Red-bellied up in a spot I had seen one before, so snapped a picture or two... moved on. Only after I got home and looked more closely did I see it was a Red-HEADED! Ha! No more being casual about sightings! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!