Thursday, July 20, 2017

Patriotic and Prolific

My mom has been working on this patriotic stitch for a couple of months.  Her goal is to finish it this month.

Parvati says there is so much to see in the birding world in July.

The female American Goldfinches finally seem serious about using the nesting material. 

Last month they plucked it out and dropped it on the ground, this month they are flying off carrying the cotton to construct a nest. 

Speaking of prolific...

The adult California Quail have their hands full this year.

There are oodles of babies.  

I've counted a group of 3 babies, 11 babies, and 14 babies...

This is my newest group - 11 tiny babies.

This is my mega-group - managed by two males and a female - there is something over 50, yes 50 young quail! 

Yes you!

The Evening Grosbeak fledglings continue to beg and be fed by adults.

A mother / daughter duo.

Her beak is almost too big for her face.

Though she is as big as her mom, she thinks she is still a baby.

Young birds are hard for beginning birders to ID.  Here is a photo of an adult Towhee and below it, a young Towhee.  They look nothing alike at this stage. 

California Scrub Jays do look like their parents.

The adult above, the fledgling below.

"Feed me!"

"I'm flapping my wings to get your attention - come feed me!"



Mary said...

More great photo's of the fledglings and you had an army of quail!! The Ca. Jays are such pretty birds are they noisy birds like the Blue Jay?
I had a great horned owl visit last night at dusk, he flew from the tree to the ground and spent a lot of time on the lawn which surprised me. Such a thrill! Have a great day birding. Mary

LaNelle said...

Great photos as usual.....loving all those Quail...what a thrill to have so many!! Do you keep a bird diary? I do... so fun to look back over the years.

Vickie said...

I like your mom's current pattern very much.:)
Wow! That is a HUGE amount of quail! HOORAY for quail!

MaryO said...

Beautiful birds, beautiful kitteh, beautiful stitching!


Barb said...

Mom is doing a great job with that pretty design. It always amazes me how different babies look from the parent birds. What a flock of quails!!!!

Peddlecar Quilts said...

I love the idea of putting out nesting material! Is it stuffing? I just enjoy all your wildlife pictures so much, I 'm sorry that I don't tell you more often. Keep up the good work!!!

Carol said...

You are so lucky that your mom shares your love of stitching, Beth! That is a very cute design. And, of course, I love the baby birdies :)

Justine said...

I love your mum's latest stitch! Great job. Gorgeous photos of those baby birds, I love how they are so large and yet still have to be fed.

Maggee said...

That is a cute project. Your mom will have it done before summer's end! Can't get over how many baby Quail there are... wow! All cute fledglings, everywhere! Hugs!