Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Flag and Fledglings

Here's the latest stitch I'm working on. It's a Curtis Boehringer design called "Flag Sampler".

Parvati flushed a bunny out of the Kitchen Garden a couple of days ago.  Now it is her first stop when she goes outside in the morning. Besides bunnies, there are still lots of baby birds to watch. 

An adult and juvenile House Finch.

A juvenile Steller's Jay.

I think he easily wins the award for "Homeliest Bird Ever".

The Black-headed Grosbeaks have fledged.

They are my newest beggars.

I thought the Evening Grosbeaks had left, but they are still around...
and feeding fledglings.

Here's a young Robin.

A teeny, tiny California Quail chick.

These chicks are a bit bigger...

...and this gal is larger still.

I am now seeing American Goldfinch fledglings.

The parents are still feeding them... 

...and wondering why they are doing so.

"Hold your horses youngster!"


Vickie said...

That little Stellar's Jay just made my morning. :D

Maggee said...

I believe I have that pattern... not feeling like stitching it just yet. I also love those Stellar's Jay pictures... too funny! It's what happens to my hair the day after I get it cut! Parvati is making sure your garden grows! Hugs!

Barb said...

All those cute babies and your pictures of them are wonderful. I'm anxious to see the new stitching project.

Carol said...

Love your newest project, Beth--I've never seen that one before. Oh, the Stellar Jay has quite the hairdo!! And that tiny quail chick is absolutely precious :)

Angie said...

Beth - love the pictures but I adore your running commentary even more. "Hold your horses ..." I was laughing out loud throughout!