Sunday, July 9, 2017

June - Trail Camera #1

Lots of photos from our trail camera down by one of our seasonal creeks.
If you scroll through them all I think you'll be rewarded at the end. 

A Black-headed Grosbeak came by for a drink.

A brush bunny.

A raccoon.

Good looking buck.

Three deer.

Only sighting of a fawn this spring. Unfortunately we have reason to believe that this little one is no longer with us.

Buck Rogers.

The bears were extremely active in June. 

This one knocked over the 5 gallon drinking pail.

Having a drink.

1:30pm in the afternoon.

A nice sequence ...

...walking along.

This looks to be a bigger bear. 

Thicker and stockier than the first bear.

So many bear photos I've run out of things to say.

Just keep scrolling down and enjoy...

Night-time drink.

Day-time drink.

The last of the bear photos...

So if you've stayed with me this long, you might remember that I felt confident that the backyard bobcat was a male...

Well, here's one...nothing that tell's the sex... 

But look here!
A Mama Bobcat with two young kits!

That makes it certain that we must have one male bobcat to go along with this female and her kits!

That's our excitement for June. Am hoping we get more photos of this cat family in July.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh my, such cute little kits - nature can be so lovely but also so cruel (the fawn).

Robin in Virginia said...

Fabulous trail camera photos, Beth! You seem to be having more bear activity than us at the moment. What kind of trail cameras do you use?

deb said...

What a wealth of visitors! The bears (!!) and mama bobcat and kits - just incredible, and great pictures. Not sure I've ever seen you mention - how far is the trail camera from your house?

MaryO said...

Wonderful and awesome ad always. Sad about the fawn, but nature is cruel sometimes. The bobcats + kits are too wonderful as is the bear, deer, birds...😊

arcadia said...

Bears ??? I mean BEARS ?! Wow !!! And the babies bobcats are so cute ! I would love too -like someone else who asked for- if you could tell us what kind of material is needed to take those pictures. It really takes fantastic ones ! Thanks so much for the share !

Stewart M said...

I'll be posting some trail cam footage some - no bears! They are not think on the ground in the UK!

Cheers - Stewart M, Mells, Somerset, UK

Maggee said...

Yeah, there's a female nearby!! Wow! You might get to watch the cubs grow up via your trail cams! Pretty awesome! Hugs!

Barb said...

I just love seeing your trail photos!

LaNelle said...

Beth..these are spectacular! Love ❤️ seeing the little bobcats how adorable are they!! What a wonderful piece of property you live on..Thank .you for sharing with me😘