Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday - Trail Camera

December was a bit of a bust for the trail cameras.  The batteries in one (the backyard) died the first day out...

The second one down by Dorothy's Creek had limited action.

Early in the month the deer strolled by.

The path was open and clear.

But after our first ice storm the path was blocked with a small downed tree. 

The deer appeared to have a 'look-see'.

I think they found a way around it to the right.

At night we did have a couple of raccoons.

And one sighting about 9:00am of a bob-cat.

I wish it had been headed toward the camera...oh well. There's always January 2017's photos to look forward to. 


Barb said...

I always enjoy your trail photos. Maybe it has been just too cold and nasty even for the animals!

deb said...

Guess the deer told everybody else the trail was blocked by that tree? Still, enjoyed seeing what wandered by.

Frances N said...

Love those trail pics!!!
The icy pictures look like something from a movie! The light is pretty on the ice, but I certainly know that it is not the preferable weather for anyone!!!
We even had ice here in MS and everyone drives crazy and acts weird! (it's so rare!)