Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Catching Up

I decided to celebrate the New Year by catching a cold.  I fought it off for a couple of days, but then it won, so I've been laying low and sniffling and napping.

2016 ended with a fun bird sighting.  Early one morning I heard a long low "gwack...gwack...gwack" and looked up to see a Great Blue Heron flying overhead.

No sign of Pine Siskins this winter darn it.
I will have to make do with my House Finches...

...and Juncos.  I counted over 20 Juncos this afternoon.

The Black-capped Chickadees are active.

I had a World Record four of them in our little Japanese Maple the other day.

They are no longer the only Chickadees coming to the feeders.
I'll share my other winter visitors in tomorrow's post. 

It is supposed to be 22F tonight with snow.

The next two night are to have lows of 14F and 18F. With the help of my parents I've moved almost 200 plants into the shop where they will be safe from these artic temps.  And I'll do my best to provide high energy food to the birds.


Barb said...

We came home with the bug from Alabama. My DH ended up in Urgent Care because his went into his chest, so take care of yourself. Whatever this is,you feel pretty miserable for a few days. I really don't like it this cold. I am worried about the birds and plants that can't be moved.

Anu said...

Beautiful series of birds!

Findlay Wilde said...

I hope you are feeling better now and get out and about soon. At least you have your fantastic garden birds to enjoy in the meantime.

Stewart M said...

Thats cold! Hope all the plants and bird do OK.

Cheers and (a slightly belated) Happy New Year - Stewart M - Melbourne

Vickie said...

Snuggle in Beth. Maybe some nice chicken noodle soup?

BumbleVee said...

I absolutely love chickadees....I think they have to be my favourite bird actually....