Saturday, January 7, 2017

More Winter Weather Really?

Today is a Hunker Down Day.

Padma and Parvati have it figured out.

But some critters do not have any choice.

I took a short walk yesterday to see what was going on outside.

The county was out clearing the street and prepping for today's winter weather.

And here we are today.

First a couple of inches of fresh snow...

...followed by freezing rain.
We are all stocked up and inside safe and warm. This is a much large storm than our ice storm earlier in the month.  This guy stretches from south of Roseburg, Oregon all the way north to Portland, Oregon and is to last until 6am Sunday morning.  Exciting times!

I think some of us are beginning to get a bit grumpy!


deb said...

Will be thinking of you and watching for a post after the storm's through. We had snow today (and yesterday...) but ice storms scare me!

Barb said...

Stay safe Beth. Snow is one thing, ice something very different.

Carol said...

You are having a much worse winter than we are, surprisingly. I don't think we even have an inch of snow on the ground... Glad you can just ride it out, safe and warm, inside!

Maggee said...

It has only just begun Beth!! Today's high here, 25 degrees, felt like 4 or 5... But it's 23 now, feels like 13!! A heat wave! Have a LOT of snow on the ground. Probably got around 8 inches, but the wind kept shifting it around. Schools are closed tomorrow, and we are supposed to have a special election Tuesday at the schools... how's that going to work? They have not announced it on the school website yet! I never saw a Towhee during this storm. Hmmm...