Thursday, August 14, 2014

Taking Note of August Changes

This is another of my WIPs. 
Cottage Garden Samplings "September's Morning Glory". I did not post a before photo because I'd only stitch the five brown stitches on the school house spire before setting it aside for several weeks.  I worked on it a couple of days and have most of the border done.  I'll finish that up and continue work on the sentiment, then on to the morning glories!

August is a time of changes in Animal World.

As small as these fawns are, their mother no longer allows them to nurse.  They must grave to fill their bellies.

There are lots of changes in the Avian World too.
My Evening Grosbeaks have moved on. I saw them last Monday and hear them last Tuesday.  I've heard them a couple of times since then, but feel that I'm hearing groups of birds moving through the area, not my summer resident birds.  

The Goldfinches have successfully raised their young and I must have over 50 birds at the feeders.

Most of the birds have changed their 'clothes' to dull colors.

There are a few Bright Guys still, but even they are 'smugged' looking.  

Lots of birds eating on the ground.

Lots of birds awaiting their turn.

Lots of birds at the feeders.
Goldfinches everywhere!

I do still have Black-headed Grosbeaks around. Not many males, but lots of females and newly fledged juveniles.

Speaking of juveniles, here's a young Towhee.

I am enjoying watching my Flycatchers at work early in the morning and late in the evening.

I had both a Western Wood Peewee and...

an Olive-sided Flycatcher!

The Olive-sided Flycatcher has a sharply defined white breast that helps to sort him out from the Peewee.

And look who came by the other afternoon!

While I was able to get a photo of just one bird there was a folk of about 12 when they caught my attention.

Monday evening we enjoyed a pretty sunset. Did you? 

One year ago today my Mom and I visited Tintinhull Garden in Somerset.


Margaret said...

It's always amazing to see how nature knows that fall and winter are coming. Great pics!

cucki said...

Great pictures..
Sweet stitches x

Vickie said...

Oh I like your current stitch!
That sunset is awesome!

Pam in IL said...

Great photos and progress on September's Morning Glory. I don't think any of the goldfinches around here have changed color yet, but there is a definite difference in the way the crops are looking.

Carol said...

What an amazing sunset! Unfortunately, we are down in a valley and don't get them...

It certainly feels like fall here--tonight it's going down to 49! I'll bet the animals are wondering where our summer went just like we are...

Annette-California said...

Beautiful sunset! Amazing that the birds know Fall is fast approaching.
Also really cool that you can tell to by observing the changing of the flocks. Pretty new wip:)
love Annette

Andrea said...

Beautiful photos, the sunset is amazing!

Wanda said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for the info on the hummingbird feeders. I will get different ones with perches and see if it helps. I love your photos of the finches. We get quite a few but not like you do. You have some great photos of the beautiful cedar waxwings. We were away last week in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and in Souris, Prince Edward Island. While in PEI at the cottage we spotted three bald eagles! We were so excited as the only other time we had seen them was in Alaska.
Love your September Morning Glories!