Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Bunnies and Cats

When I last showed off "Hare Crossing" on August 15th, this is as much of the rabbit as I had stitched.

I think you'll agree I've made some substantial progress since then.

August is fast coming to an end. My goal for the month was to finish up several of the UFOs / WIPs that I had piling up.

Heading into the holiday weekend here's how things stand:
Bent Creek, "December Swirls" - finished
Bent Creek, "Happy Halloween" - finished
Crown and Thistle, "Spring And Summer" - finished
Shepherd's Bush, "July" - finished
The Prairie Schooler, "May" - finished 

Cottage Garden Samplings - "September's Morning Glory" - almost done
The Prairie Schooler - "November" - good progress
Mosey 'N Me - "Hare Crossing" - good progress
Little House Needleworks - "1776" - never made it into my stitching rotation

The Holiday Weekend...I'll be attending the first University of Oregon football game on Saturday. 

I think Tom-Cat and Padma can provide us with a preview.

They rather look like opposing linemen!

But this post was supposed to be about bunnies, right? 


Then big, bad grumpy bunnies it is.

Enjoying some morning sun.

Keeping an eye out for predators.

The pause before the ebullient hopping begins.

Bunny Games.
They do play with one another. I just wish I could get a good photo of them frolicking about. 

Are those Quail coming around to bother me again?

Yep, here they come!  

I'll just hop out of the way.

All I want is to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine.


Darned Quail - no sense of Personal Space!

And why did that guy mow all the dandelions anyway?


Vickie said...

What an awesome rabbit you are stitching!
Those bunnies in the grass are cute too. ;)
Have fun at the game!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love your bunny progress! That's one elegant hare. The fabric is especially pretty!

Melissa said...

Nice progress on the bunny stitching!

Good luck on your finishing goals for August!

Margaret said...

Love seeing all these lovely stitching projects! Hope you meet your goal. Love the bunnies too -- so cute! So are Tom-Cat and Padma fighting? Dear dear...

Barb said...

You have made excellent stitching progress!!! Thanks for sharing the cute little cat and bunny pictures.

Annette-California said...

Beautiful hare wip, so elegant:)
Love your bunny photos. love Annette

Andrea said...

Wonderful bunny progress. It's lovely to see real life stretch out with the warmth of the sun. Wish I could do the same!