Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Take A Taxi Take A Train

Design - "Star Spangled" (kit)
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric -32 count Clay
Fibers - WDW & GAST - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 22 July 2013
Completed - 7 August 2013
A rather wrinkled finish - but a finish nonetheless.
All of my travel about London has been like that of a mole.  I go underground and then 'pop up and take a look around.  That makes it difficult to have a sense of how one area of London flows into the next.  This morning, though, we took a taxi to Paddington Station.  It turned out to be a great visual feast.
From Canary Wharf past the Tower of London, then on in no particular order (because I can't remember!) past the London Eye, Temple, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.  Then on to St James Park where the pelicans were basking in the early morning sun.  Then down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, the Marble Arch, and past another large park and finally we reached Paddington Station.
We got my sister settled on a Heathrow Express train, and in an hour's time my Mom and I boarded a train to Yeovil Pen Mill in Somerset. 
The train took us past this chalk horse. 
We ended up at Tintinhull House Garden.

The house is from the 1600's and much older than the garden.

The two acre garden was created in the 1930's by Phyllis Reiss.

It's a very pleasant sized garden.

There is a pool with water-lilies.

Mrs. Reiss was a plants-woman with an eye for structure and design.

She did a wonderful job of 'borrowing' vistas from outside the garden walls to increase its size and scope.

This garden made good use of plant containers too.

She didn't stint on garden art. 

The urns and statuary and walls and benches are all of a piece.

There is a sizeable Kitchen Garden.

It is very well done and appears extremely productive.

The Pool Garden has a border on each side.  One border uses cool hues.

The other border is full of warm colors.

A nice mix of plants.

I think that Mrs. Reiss had the art of Garden Rooms down pat!  Each room had an inviting entrance and each room was unique.  It was nice change to visit a small garden.  Small gardens can be complex and interesting too.


Margaret said...

A beautiful house and garden both! So cool to see that chalk horse too. Hope your sister has a good trip home.

Maggee said...

All those entrances remind me of Charleston and the ancestral home. They had such a cool garden entrance. I have pictures--I will share when you get back. Except for the loofah and waning tomatoes, our garden is gone. Next year will be different. We will conspire! Thanks for the tour! Hugs!

Barb said...

All those garden rooms are fascinating!!All the different beds so well planned. It makes my garden look like a hodge-podge. I have not commented on your stitching. It has been lovely. How have you had the time and energy?

hazel said...

Hope your sister arrived home safely with no delays at heathrow.

The garden looks beautiful especially after he hot summer we have had.

Your stitching project is great like Barb said I don't know where you have found the time or energy for you have been like a whirlwind.

Change of plan for me today no Olympic park got visitors instead.

Enjoy you day.

Hugs hazel

Chris said...

Another lovely day, what amazing gardens.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just been catching up on all the posts I missed when I was away in our caravan again. I particularly enjoyed seeing your trip to the Emma B factory - I love anything related to china and I do like her work. The large stove has the same pattern as the toaster I bought recently.

cucki said...

hope your sister has a good trip..
beautiful pictures x

Melissa said...

Oh, I love these garden photos! They give such sense of calm - sigh! Very lovely.

Melanie said...

Hope your sister had a great trip! Too bad she couldn't stay longer. I'm sure she's loving all the photos you are taking too, as we are. :)

Mouse said...

hope your sister got home safely :) and what a gorgeous place .. she certainly has an eye for detail and planting too :) now this is a garden I could spend hours in just relaxing with some stitching :)love mouse xxxxx