Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wonderful Woodpeckers - Part Two

I heard and saw  a Hairy Woodpecker fly by the other day.  I sure do wish they'd once again become regulars at my suet and peanut feeder.

The Flickers though are back at my feeders now as well as foraging on the ground and in the trees. This is a sweet young female Flicker. There is no mistaking her for an adult bird.

And I've a Downy Woodpecker back in action too. 

It's nice to have this sweet little woodpecker back once again.

This time of year the Downy prefers the wild mullein (verbascum) to peanuts or suet.   

The seeds are tiny and self-seed like crazy, but I like to indulge the little woodpecker. 

He does munch on the suet too.


Margaret said...

Fantastic! Love woodpeckers. Been on vacation, so I'm catching up on blog posts -- missed reading your blog!

Cathy said...

They're cute, except when they're pecking on the wood trim of your house going after carpenter bees! Nice photos.

Barb said...

Love those woodpeckers! I sit on my deck and can hear them busy in the woods behind the house.