Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Lovely August Day

I've been working along on Cottage Garden Samplings "September's Morning Glory".  The blue flowers are composed of six different colors of floss, the purple of four different colors.  Now I need to stitch seven leaves and some assorted vines, and this WIP will be complete.

Everyone agrees, even though it is to be in the 90s today, it is a lovely August summer day.  Let's take a walk and look around.

The tree canopy now sports a hint of yellow.

The Douglas Fir are draped in cones. 

In one week's time these have gone from green to a semi-ripe brown and green. 

I am always looking at the tree tops - they are perfect bird perches.

Oh, have care, there's a bunny on the edge of the driveway!

He's just about the same color as the ripe grasses.

Late August wears taupe.

The Big Leaf Maples are stressed from lack of water.  They are beginning to shed their leaves.  Going straight from green to brown with no pretty yellow in between.

The Cottonwoods have a yellow cast to the leaves.

The Bracken fern are a mix of green, yellow, and brown.

The Dogwoods now sport a bright red leaf or two - a sign of things to come.

Look at that blue blue sky!

The Vine Maple also have the beginnings of a red cast to the leaves.  

More taupe.
The seed head of Cow's Parsnip.

Nothing beats the color of False Solomon's Seal berries. 

Rose hips - just starting to turn color.
These should be lovely in a couple of week's time.

In late August even the Teasle is taupe!

I hope you enjoyed today's walk. It's time to find a spot of shade and something cold to drink!


Melody said...

What a good assortment of growing plants & trees! Do you pick any teasel, rose hips etc for dried fall bouquets? I also agree, it's amazing how vivid and blue the sky appears sometimes.

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Those morning glories are so gorgeous Beth.

Pam in IL said...

I've just read through your past several posts. All your stitching looks great! Love seeing all the flowers, birds and critters too.

Margaret said...

Ok, I'm in love with your stitching. I absolutely love morning glories! Beautiful! Nice walk too!

Barb said...

What a pretty WIP. It was a nice walk in spite of the temps!! I am really looking forward to Fall this year!

Wanda said...

Hi Beth, I'm still playing catch up from being away. Loved 'our walk' today! We are seeing signs of fall as well. Yesterday we had our one day all summer that had a heat alert (not that I really mind as 70-75 is the perfect temperature).
As always, I love to see your Cottage Garden progress -it's looking beautiful!

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm not ready for summer to say goodbye, despite the fallen leaves in my yard. It was so pleasant this summer I want it to last much longer! Cute pattern.