Friday, August 22, 2014

Wonderful Woodpeckers - Part One

I've had a couple of questions about the hardware I use when stitching. I rarely ever use a hoop though I do have a couple of them.  I find that hoops make creases that all the steam ironing I can bare will not totally remove. Plus face it, most designs are squares or rectangles not circular.

So most of the time I stitch using Scroll Rods.  I bought mine many years ago at Michael's using a 40% off coupon. Then I bought some additional sets and pieces so I now have rods that vary in length from 6" to 22".  I also have three different sized bars to vary the width.

And as you can see, I have enough bars and rods and pegs that I can work on several projects at the same time - because that's how I roll! Using scrolls there are no creases. You can darn the fabric onto the rods, but I cheat and just use reams of masking tape and that works just fine.

I do use Q-Snaps as well. I have a couple of different sizes and they too can be reconfigured to make a rectangle if needed.  Yes, they do make creases, so I mostly use them for smaller, quicker projects to minimize that issue.

Some stitchers invest in a lap stand or table stand. If I worked on larger projects regularly I'd probably purchase one of those. 

I've neglected my Front Yard Birds lately and favored those in the Back Yard.
This post will rectify that oversight.

The Acorn Woodpeckers provide me with much amusement. I think the one in flight on the right looks like a Macy's Parade dirigible!  

My family of three is hanging out together.


Mama and Papa

Baby Boy - note the red on his head is not as brightly colored as that of his parents. Plus he just looks fat and feathery still.

Baby Boy and Papa

Baby Boy and Papa

..and Mama hanging upside down because she's a woodpecker and she can!

And because they are woodpeckers - they talk almost constantly and continually and loudly.
This is Mama.
And I am excited to say that with this series of photos I had FOUR ACORN WOODPECKERS all together.
The female was in the tree.  

While the three guys were in the roadway nabbing bits of gravel.
I thought I must have four birds as I'd seen two males clear back in April, and then noted the young newly fledged male in July.  It took until mid-August before I saw the entire group out and about.

I often refer to the Acorns as Clown Birds.  

They are very amusing and entertaining birds!

One year ago today Mom and I were back home for our first full day.


Vickie said...

I use masking tape with my scroll rods too. ;)
I find woodpeckers fascinating.

Mary said...

Thank you for scroll information. I have noticed when I use hoops on black fabric ( every time I do something on black I say never again !) the shiny marks left behind are awful to steam out. I think I will invest in a set of scrolls.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Beth, I gave up with all frames and scroll bars and now just hold the fabric. It's not ideal for me but it's easier on my wrists etc. It's hard to believe that it's a year since your trip ended.

Angela P said...

I've tried using just about everything but I keep coming back to the wooden hoop, despite the creases. I find that when you lace a project, along with a steam iron it takes them all away :)

Love the Woodpecker pics!

Marlene Jones said...

I use Q Snaps, and add an extra bit of fabric before snapping the holder on, this stops most of the marking of the stitched fabric.
I have all the other types of holders but only use Q Snaps now.

Barb said...

Clown birds is the perfect name for the Acorn Woodpeckers. They are just fascinating. I have never had one at my feeder. It was interesting seeing your tools. I just can't seem to get the q snaps right. I know that many stitchers use them.

Kathy F said...

Masking tape.......brilliant!!!!!! It holds??? I will definitely try that as I hate sewing on the fabric to the rod. Love love love my scroll frame!! I will be ordering a lap or floor stand soon as my wrists & thumb are beginning to give me trouble from years of holding the frame!! Thanks for the info!!

Melody said...

I've never tried scroll rods. I've been a hoop girl. A 5" hoop with screw top is my favorite. I've tried q snaps, but my wrist hurts from holding it after awhile. I've thought about floor stands, but haven't purchased one.

The woodpeckers are great, and what good pictures of them all!!

Andrea said...

I think my stitching equipment is on a par with yours ... even down to the masking tape!
Wonderful photos too.

~ Toni ~ said...

Enjoyed the woodpeckers. I miss the couple that had been around here. I love hearing their knocking. I tried scrollbars early on and gave them up as the tendion never seemed right. Cheap was probably the use. I used spring hoops until I started stitching large projects. I now use Q-snaps with a piece of muslin over my linen. I think the key to creasing with the Q-snap is never leaving the project in them overnight. I also bought a nice stand that typically is used with scrollbars, but I bought the Q-snap holders. I believe it is the stitchers perogative to use whichever tool gets them the best result. All of our stitching tension is different so the different products help or don't help. Good question!

Melanie said...

Masking tape. Huh. That sure would simplify things. I have a lap scroll thingy from agesssss ago that I never use because darning things to it was a pain. (I can't use it in hand because of the weight. Instant numb hands/wrists.) I use q-snaps with pieces of felt under the snap on's to minimize the creasing.