Monday, August 11, 2014

Robins and Hummingbirds

This is where I left off on Prairie Schooler's "May".

After a day's stitching the Robin has begun to emerge!

I haven't seen many Robins around, but I do hear them in the early morning and late evening.  They don't hang around our yard during hot and dry weather.  They like to dig for worms in nice moist dirt which we are sorely lacking at the moment.

Yesterday it was 95f and today it is supposed to be 96f.  Too hot for me and the Robins, but the Hummingbirds don't seem to mind.

I counted 5 for sure and maybe 6 the other evening. It's hard to do as rarely are there ever more than 2 together and those 2 are usually fighting with one another.  So it was nice to see 2 Anna's at the same feeder. 

I still have lots of Rufous Hummingbirds too.

I think they are all juveniles or females.

No Rufous males - I've read that they are the first to migrate north and the first to head back south again.

The females may not have iridescent throats, but their green feathered backs gleam in the sunlight.

See them shine?

All ruffled up!

Such fierce little birds.

I've been watching this one for several days now.  I think there is something wrong with its legs as it never stops fluttering when perched at the feeders. 

Back to the Anna's - again a female.

She was nice enough to pose for several photos!

Look closely!  There are three Anna's in this photo. Two on the right and one fluttering on the bottom left - enlarging the photo may help.

In the early morning the Salvias in our Mudroom Flowerbed beckon the hummingbirds.

They love this pink Salvia.

They also like our large 'Black & Blue' Salvia. 


They are so tiny they can use most anything as perch or Look Out Post! 

While I might have three Anna's in the flowerbed, I rarely have more than one Rufous as they'll don't share at all well.

I hope you are able to stay cool and comfortable today. 

One year ago today my Mom, sister, and I spent the day exploring some of the lovely villages in the Cotswolds.


Honeybee said...

Such beautiful hummer photos!

Pam in IL said...

Lots of wonderful hummers! Maybe you'll cool off next week as I hear our temps will be hot and humid next week -- just as school starts.

Your progress on PS May is great!

Margaret said...

They are wonderful! I think hummers will always be my favorite. They make me think of my grandmother and her lovely garden.

Ranae said...

Beautifu photos
Stay cool

cucki said...

Beautiful xxx

Melissa said...

Those hummingbirds are a treat to see!

EvalinaMaria said...

Oh how I miss my hummingbirds! Thank you for sharing your photos. The robin looks lovely!

Andrea said...

A lovely stitching project. You have been capturing some wonderful nature over the past few days.

Carol said...

I'm amazed that your heat is holding on in the northwest, Beth! It is only 70 here right now and that was the high for the day!

Just love your newest PS robin--I stitched him, too, not sure where he is now, though! And the hummer photos are just the sweetest :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

They really are magical little birds. Seeing your PS piece makes me feel so guilty about abandoning my ongoing stitching of all twelve on one piece of fabric. I reached September and fizzled out!

Barb said...

Beth , I think you could win a prize with your hummingbird photos! The WIP is looking great. Glad to see the robin coming along.

Maggee said...

Teeny tiny little wonders! My daughter was so excited on Saturday, cause she had a hummer in the backyard! I gave her a few tips that I have learned from YOU... maybe she will have more! Hugs!