Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday in the Cotswolds

We took a Sunday train-ride, a Sunday drive, and a Sunday walk.

We started out at Paddington Station and joined up with a "Day's Out" London Walk group to the Cotswolds.
Stretching roughly from Bath to Oxford to Stratford-upon-Avon to Stroud, the Cotswolds has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Cotswolds means: sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides.

We took the train to Kingham, and then took a coach to an area above a village. This allowed us to admire the countryside before we set off on a short walk.

Off we went along stone dry-walls.
It's hard to watch one's steps when the views are such as this.

We were bound for the village of Chipping Campden below.

The weather was perfect, and we were serenaded by a group of goldfinches (upper right) as we set off.

As was the village.  It was a dream to see village country gardens.

Many of the homes and cottages proudly displayed their 'house name'.

During our lunch break we chose to patronize a local cheese shop.  Crackers, salmon pate, a soft cheese and a hard cheese.  Lunch!

Much like Bath, the beauty of the Cotswolds comes from the use of 
one stone construction.  In this case it is Cotswold stone (a yellow oolitic limestone). 

Even with the use of the same stone, there were lots of interesting architectural details which served to make each building unique unto itself. 

Chipping Campden is home to St. James' Church.

The church has an archetypical churchyard overlooking the rolling hills of the countryside. 

It also has a wonderful variety of needlepoint kneelers.

Look at all the birds!

We then rejoined the bus and drove past the large village of Broadway.

Many of the larger villages have a wonderful 14th century church.

We passed fields of lavender.

Then we arrived at Upper Slaughter.
Another charming village.

I did mention the 'purr-fect' weather didn't I?

From Upper Slaughter we set off on another short walk... the village of Lower Slaughter.  It has a historic mill amongst its charms.  The mill served organic ice cream! What a wonderful way to end the "Day Out."

We then bussed back to Kingham and got on a train back to London.  We were all seated and content to reflect upon the day.  By the time the train departed from Oxford it was standing-room only.  I'm so glad I'm not an Oxford to London commuter.  That must be torturous day after day!

Tomorrow another adventure awaits us.  It's time to visit our good friend Emma B. in the Midlands.


cucki said...

Aww I always love Cotswold :)

Tea norman said...

I'm glad you had purr-fect weather along the way. Looking forward to reading about your next day's journey.

Gabi said...

Thank you for showing these wonderful pictures. They remind me to a beautiful time I had a long time ago.
Greetings from Germany

hazel said...

Beautiful photos Beth of the lovely Cotswold villages.

Hope the nice weather continues.

Hazel c UK

CalamityJr said...

What a beautiful day!

Chris said...

I would love to do a walking vacation through different parts of England. What a perfect day. So lovely. I would probably fall or walk into something since I would be gawking at everything.

Vickie said...

I just love the entrance with the pink hollyhock in front,in your last collage. ;)

Melody said...

So beautiful. I think the names are so charming as well. Good pictures once again! Thanks!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful. I am enjoying England with you from across the pond. (Except for the heights)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful. I am enjoying England with you from across the pond. (Except for the heights)

Margaret said...

So many beautiful places! I love that name -- Chipping Camden. So British!

Barb said...

What a charming group of villages!!I had always heard the Cotswolds were very pretty. Your pictures prove that to be correct!

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos. I feel calmer just being in the country with you! ;-)

Thanks for sharing all the great photos, Beth!

Maggee said...

If I did as much walking as you and your Mom have done, I would no doubt be at my ideal weight, having lost the ever-elusive 15 pounds I wish to lose! So MUCH history everywhere you go! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Brings back memories of my holiday this year.

MelissaD said...

such a pretty collection of photos - the villages, churches, gardens and countryside are so perfect looking - you had wonderful weather it seems. Thanks as always for sharing you wonderful trip

Melanie said...

What a great day. Love all the house names. That lavender field must have smelled amazing too. (If you like lavender, that is.)