Saturday, March 16, 2013

What A Difference A Week Makes

Friday was yet another unseasonably warm day.
Early in the morning the sun's rays touched the higher hills before finding our open area.

By the afternoon, the temperature reached 67F and Padma was happy to be outside.  One week after returning from the vet, he seems back to his normal self.

Parvati (Padma's twin sister) soaked up some vitamin D.

While the Flickers haunt my suet feeder, it is unusual to see them eating from a sunflower seed feeder.  When they chose to do so, they are the alpha bird and chase off the Jays. I think this guy looks like he is wearing polka-dot pajamas.

This doe and fawn are Backyard Regulars.  Both animals are fat and have thick healthy coats.  

In contrast, this doe (the mother of twins) is an occasional visitor.  And boy does she look skinny in comparison.  You can see her thin neck, her ribs, and her back legs look like sticks.  I hope she is not ill.  The fawn looks to be plump and healthy.  

A lovely sky at day's end.


Pam in IL said...

Lucky you to have such warm temps. That warmer weather we were supposed to get seems to have gone somewhere else.

Giovanna said...

So glad that Padma seems to be ok. They're both beautiful cats. Enjoy the good weather.

Barb said...

Such lovely photos. We had temps of the high 50's. Not bad. My DD has been getting lettuce form her garden!

Melanie said...

Poor doe. Is she maybe just a new(ish) mother who doesn't know all the best spots for winter feeding? Though your ground cover looks a heck of a lot better than ours does in the winter. I just saw a doe feeding out right by the side of the highway near here - during the day no less. Very odd for this area. I almost never see ANY deer because there is so much forested area they don't need to go where there are houses, you know?