Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Was For the Birds and Bunnies

I worked on "Free Bird" a bit yesterday.  I hope to have a "true finish" up and posted by Monday.  Until then Parvati and I will share some pictures of "outside birds."   
On a hot afternoon, the shade of the sedum planter is a purrfect cat spot.

The Barn Swallows show up once or twice a day...

I love the colors of this shot - the Hummingbird blends in so well.

This Hummingbird looked a bit miffed!

Most mornings, the bunnies are out in force nibble on grass.

Two Hummingbirds at a feeder - you do not know how rare that is!  Usually they get all territorial and chase each other off rather than share.

The little female Hairy Woodpecker has become a regular visitor!

Tom-Cat says, "Enough with the birds and bunnies, it's time for a nap!" 

The day ended with a Bird Bang!  As darkness fell, my sister spied a bird flying into the top of a tree.  Upon closer observation, and listening. we were able to watch not one, but two, Great Horned Owls as they talked and flew from tree to tree!  In the six years I've lived here, that was only my 2nd sighting of these noctural raptors - very cool! 


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely photos Beth, Tom-cat knows how to relax in style.

Rowyn said...

Beautiful wildlife photos, as always. And Tom-cat is gorgeous (and very contented looking)!

How cool to see two Great Horned Owls. I love watching the birds in my garden, they seem very active at the moment (must be because Spring is coming here in New Zealand) - however it is always awesome to see something a bit different. On a recent trip away I got to hold a New Zealand Falcon (only 4000 of them left in the wild), so that was pretty neat.

Have a wonderful weekend.