Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter Into Spring...

I spent a couple of hours Sunday afternoon stitching away on "Sweet Winter".  I moved this piece from roller bars to Q-Snaps and am having an easier time of it.  Worked on the phrase "Be Ye Good", a few petals, swan, and several more letters and numbers.  As it is now officially Spring , I'm taking some flak from my sister for "stitching out of season".  But hey, this was supposed to be done in February...such is life.

Last night's "Super Moon" was very atmospheric - looked far more like a spooky October moon than a bucolic Easter moon.

I caught a shot as it rose up behind the hills...

We had a light haze of clouds - making for a ""moody moon."

But hey it's Spring - I've finally picked up the last of my Christmas decorations and now can move on to Easter / Spring items.

Three mache bunnies and lots of cat hair floating on the table!

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Alisa said...

Sweet Winter is looking great! Don't worry about stitching out of season...I am still stitching Christman ornaments! :)