Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little to Report...Little Report

Too busy to stitch too much!
Perhaps that should be the title of this post.  I only found thirty minutes or so yesterday, so a few more letters on "Bouquet for March" and nothing else to report.

For Outdoor Wednesday, I will share the following photos.
It was a very soggy Monday as the photos I took Tuesday morning clearly state!

Raindrops on Rose?
Nope, raindrops on daffodils!

The sun broke through and Parvati was most pleased!

After the rain and wind and storms, I found this really cool piece of bark.
It's interesting anyway with the moss and lichen...

But even more interesting are the very regimented holes...
I think my good friends the woodpeckers have been hard at work!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

You clicked at just the right time with puss cat - it made me smile.

carol fun said...

Hey any start is a good start - I've been coveting your Cedar Hill pieces and last night I did some late night online shopping and bought 5 of them. Can't wait for them to arrive. Thanks for sharing all these great pieces!