Thursday, March 17, 2011

Over One Once Again...

An overcast day, with diffused light, turned out to be the best kind of day to work on an "Over One" project.  The process was pretty painless - almost no frogging required!  I managed to stitch up a couple of blossoms, a couple of leaves, and a couple of stems on Brightneedle's "Sweet Winter".  Based on the title of the piece, I have it in my mind that I should finish it up before the Spring Equinox...We will have to see how that goes. 

Besides a stitching frenzy, there were other reactions to the cold, dark-gray, rainy day yesterday...over 1.5" of rain!

No one appeared to have much in the way of energy...

The Mourning Doves were quiet in a Maple tree.  

But Bunny was out, and ready for a nibble.

As was Chip - with "four on floor" and ready to zip-off if needed. 

And the Steller's Jays are shameless beggars.
They have the nerve to scold me, even has I'm distributing seed for their partaking!  


loretta said...

Over one can be exhausting ... I thought I'd never get my Peace Tree ornament done with all the teeny tiny stitches - BUT it was so worth it in the end!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Over one is not my favourite - I often avoid designs with it as I really don't enjoy the process. I love your kitties, they look so relaxed.