Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Post

I carved out a few minutes yesterday, and made the smallest of starts on Cedar Hill's "Bouquet for March".  After stitching over one the night before, stitching over two on a twenty-eight count was a breeze!

I continue to look for signs of Spring...

We now have a 2nd variety of daffodil - "Jetfire" in full bloom.

And Chip looks fat and happy - the pouches in his cheeks full to exploding! 

No signs of winter want from Mr. Quail either - fat and happy! 

Table for two?  Chip and Peter chose to eat breakfast together.

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Tracey said...

Great pictures! And good start! I only got a few stitches in last night as well- but a few stitches are better than no stitches. :)