Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday Observations on Thursday Morning and a Start

After a grey morning, we had a gloriously sunny afternoon...
My decorative birdbath has turned into a cat drinking fountain.

I've begun work on the Sunflower in "A Prairie Garden" by The Prairie Schooler.  I always think of sunflowers as a sign of the changing seasons.  They bloom at a time where they serve as a bridge between summer and autumn.  

My fuchsias are in fine form...

and I'm so pleased with my moss roses this year.
They are have filled their bowls to overflowing and are blooming profusely.

As is this penstemon - in the past I've managed to kill every penstemon I've purchased, so I'm especially pleased that this one is not only blooming, but thriving!

In the evening while sitting on the front porch, I got to watch my large  California Quail family on the move.  The covey is made up of four adults and ten babies.
On the left there are three or four having a dust bath.

They are such pretty birds and so much fun to observe.

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natalyK said...

Love your new Prairie Schooler start. I enjoyed all of your flower pictures. What beautiful inspiration.