Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Post

This morning the hummingbirds were up and about...

as were the goldfinches.

I spent yesterday organizing...these are my bargain ($1.00 each) charts.
All are purchases from Friendship Crossing.  I might try the Twisted Threads "Woolies" and I'm going to research Sisterworks further.  The designer is new to me and has an interesting style. 

I also bought these charts while in Corvallis.  I'd been looking for the La-D-Da chart for a while, the others are not particularly new either, but I found the designs or motifs to be interesting.

Besides the birds, my plants were embracing the morning sun.  I like this small green finial.

Once again, my favorite fuchsia combination.

Another fuchsia in full bloom.

Black and Blue salvia - a hummingbird favorite!

Yesterday it got to 91F, and today and tomorrow are supposed to be warm as well.  On days like that I try to get all my outside chores done by 9:00am, then I stay inside or find deep shade until it cools off in the evening.

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