Friday, August 6, 2010

Something to Crow About

Design - "Wee Rooster"
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric - 32 count Summer Khaki linen
Fibers - GAST & WDW
Started - 1 August 2010
Completed - 5 August 2010 

Something to crow about indeed!  I finished this up last evening.  I did change the border stitch - it called for using two threads, and I thought that looked too bulky.  So I changed to one thread - I think that has a more "detailed" look to the stitch.

If you allow a single "wild" verbascum (mullein) to grow and go so seed, this is what you get the following year!  It's too bad we are not raising mullein as a food crop!

Another hazy morning - according to the newspaper we are getting smoke from the large fire in Russia - it truly is a small world after all.
Arctotis - Pumpkin Pie


Deborah said...

Nice finish and the area in front of the house is beautiful.

Elaine said...

Wee Rooster is such a cute finish.
The front area of your house is lovely.

natalyK said...

Great finish1 Your flowers are beautiful. It has been so hot here that everything looks parched.

Terri ~ Boog said...

Cute finish!
Your porch is beautiful - love, love, love all the clay pots!

rose sterling said...

Wee rooster is great for finish. Your finish is very detailed and clean. Your front area is also well organized and the plants are really looks so happy on the front yard. The arctotis is so cute. I hope that my arctotis is as cute as yours.