Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To the Beach...Or To the Front Porch!

Design - Pearls - "Sand Pail"
Designer - SamSarah
Fabric - Aida
Floss - Crescent Colors
Started - 5 July 2010
Completed - 10 August 2010

I've promised my Mom that when she completes a stitch, I'll post it.  So here is her 2nd completion for 2010 - some kind of record for her!  It's an appropriately themed stitch for August too. 

Summer has returned - Wahoo!!!  This morning we have a few small, billowy clouds, but mostly blue sky, and it's supposed to hit 82F.  So I'm celebrating the better weather, and sharing a few new photos.

I think our barn swallows are repairing their nest and maybe going to fledge for a 2nd time - what a busy summer for them!

The morning light was very kind to my front porch gardening efforts - though I did notice that I need to get a broom and sweep up blossom debris.

The begonias are thriving...

I wonder how big this one might be, had not the deer munched on it earlier.

I love, love, love the contrast in the foliage of these two fuchsias.

The hostas and ferns are happy...

and so are the fuchsias!

"This is the day..." enjoy the day!


Lexa said...

Nice job Mom - Wohoo!

natalyK said...

A great finish for this time of year! Your pics are beautiful!

Linda said...

I love all your potted plants. I never would have thought to put hostas in a pot...great idea! Great job on your Mom's finish too:)