Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quiet Saturday Morning

If I posted a picture of my Prairie Schooler Sunflower progress, I'd have to type pages explaining everything that was wrong and needed to be frogged instead, let's take a peak at my "next stitch". I'm looking forward to stitching "August" - it's quite charming with butterflies, a frog, snail, bird, bee, and flower.  I figure that I can whip it out before the month ends.

This morning I spent about an hour outside enjoying the quiet dawning of the day.  Even though it is mid-August, there are already signs of the changing seasons.

In the middle of this blurry picture, the cottonwood's leaves have begun to change color.
The goldfinches too have changed colors - no longer their brilliant summer yellow, they are quietly brown with just hints of their former primary color.

A hummingbird was hard at work this morning.

They enjoy this agastache

...and this lobelia.

I sat on the back patio steps, and watched the quail family come out of the brush and tall grass.
This young female hopped up to get a drink.

Several of the chicks looked for food...

while the Dads watched from atop a small Douglas fir.

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