Sunday, August 29, 2010

Further Serendipity

The onions in my sister's kitchen garden are throwing themselves up out of the ground.  So my new stitch "Wild White Onion" is highly topical! 
I'm still mulling over the GAST color to use for the onion - not sure Pineapple Ice is the right color - may go with Oatmeal. 

This morning there were birds ... everywhere.

My chrysanthemum is all budded up.
Soon it will be the star of the Front Porch.

And another instance of serendipity. 
I planted the grass in this small container.
Out of no-where this bright yellow moss rose appeared.
It grew and grew and now is blooming profusely whilst elegantly draping over the edge of the pot.  Stunning!

Padma is an indoor cat. He enjoy sniffs of fresh air whilst he observes the action at the birdfeeders.

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