Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Texture

Design - "Curious Carrot"
Designer - Ewe & Eye & Friends
Fabric - 40 count Sandstone linen
Fibers - Anchor
Started - 9 August 1998
Completed - 12 August 1998

I present the above cross stitch piece in honor of Tuesday Garden Party.
The Symra Crosses around the border provide a textural interest.

In case you were wondering how I know what I stitched twelve years ago, it's pretty simple.  I'm compulsively organized, and years ago I created a spreadsheet for my cross stitch projects.  I record the name of the design, the name of the chart (if different), the designer, the fabric, fibers, and start and end date.  It's pretty useful information and keeps me from stitching the same pieces over and over again.

My current compulsion involves scanning all my finished pieces.  I've six large archival boxes of "finishes" - I've scanned four, and have two left to go.  Then I hope to print them all out at Shutterfly or some such place, and create a small cross-stitch photo album.

Now on to the Great Outdoors.
Continuing the study in texture...  

Fern - Soft Shield Fern 'polystichum setiferum'

Hebe 'McKean'

Fern - mystery - no tag

Hebe 'Sutherlandii'

Fern -Southern Shield Fern 'dryopteris ludoviciana'

Baby's Tears

In my years of gardening, I've discovered that I can have as much visual enjoyment from texture and form as I do from blossom and color. 


zentmrs said...

I love greenery - and your ferns are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

diXymiss said...

Pretty foliage ~ the saphire pot of baby's tears is particularly lovely.

Jami said...

I love these pictures! Makes me realize what potential there is in a colorful pot + green...I see some presents in my families' future!
Thanks for sharing at the TGP!