Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Walk

Unusually, we've had some rain showers in June so everything is still lush and green.  Outside we go!

Perennial Bachelor Buttons.

Columbia Lily.

On a sunny day the Quarry Pond is alive with dragonflies.

They certainly are prehistoric looking.

There were butterflies too.

I think this is poison hemlock.

Lewis' Mimulus



The county has set out an insect trap - I don't know who they want to capture, bt gypsy moths are an on-going problem.

Blue Dick

Green fruit - when it ripens I'm sure there will be birds to consume it.

Nootka Rose

Oregon Sunshine

Wonderful smelling native Mock Orange.  Stop for a moment - can you smell the soft sweet scent?


Rhodesia said...

Excellent post and some lovely flowers and insects. Well done Diane

Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous flowers you shared from your nature walk, Beth! I don't think I have seen the Oregon Sunshine ones before. Everything looks so lush.

Mary said...

Beautiful Wed walk, I LOVE the Oregon Sunshine!

Maggee said...

What's not to LOVE about this post? Beautiful flowers, plants, butterfly and dragonflies! That butterfly is called Lorquin's Admiral...very good picture of it! Dragonflies are harder to ID! I think I DID smell the Mock Orange! :)

Barb said...

Thanks for the lovely walk. I saw a Columbia Lily our our trip to Hood River. Such a pretty little flower.

Carol said...

Looks like a beautiful time of year in Lane County, Oregon! Even the dragonflies look stunning!