Thursday, June 28, 2018

A New Start and Baby Birds

...and I'm off and stitching the bunny...

Mornings here are so lovely.  Parvati comes outside and dozes soaking up Vitamin C.  She's not much of a hunter any longer. Which is fine with me.

I can watch the young Oregon Juncos in peace.

Isn't that a sweet little bird?

Here's a young Song Sparrow with an adult bird.

They hung out in the roses most of the morning. 

The Black-headed Grosbeaks are beginning to fledge.

I've not seen them with adult birds, but they exhibit newly-fledged behavior - ruffled feathers, clumsy flying, excessive talking! 

Here's a young Evening Grosbeak.

She's a sweetie too.

Right profile.

Left profile.

And here are her parents.

She begged for food with some success. 

Her Mom gave in several times

...maybe just for a moment's quiet!


Robin in Virginia said...

It is fun seeing the newly fledged birds in your pictures, Beth. Parvati looks kind of ruffled in that picture. Enjoy your day!

Rhodesia said...

What lovely photos. During summer mostly all we see in the garden are sparrows but in winter the others all know where to find food :-) Cheers Diane


Ohhh what cute pictures of such cute baby birds--
I love watching parents teach the young to eat--!!
enjoy, di

RJ said...

Oh I think that is going to be an adorable stitch. Love the sherbet colors!
Your darling Parvati looks quite content. The baby birds are adorable. RJ

Barb said...

Parvati looks so comfortable, lucky for all those adorable baby birds!

Mary said...

Love seeing the fledglings! Parvati is enjoying life! Sweet new stitch, I need to stitch more Lizzie Kate, they are such charming patterns.