Monday, June 25, 2018

One More Stitch for June

I've decided to kit up a couple of designs from one of Lizzie Kate's final releases - "Spring Smalls".  I'm working on "Buzz" and I'll also stitch the bunny design on the bottom right. 

What's up with the birds you ask?

I call this Profiles in Carnage!
A Turkey Vulture and a Raven - both are carnivores. 

The Raven held quite a prolonged conversation. 

Here's an American Robin.

A pair of Evening Grosbeaks.

I think this is a newly fledged bird.  If so, my time with Evening Grosbeaks is drawing to a close.  The birds migrate up to higher altitudes after their babies fledge.

It's Bath Time!

The Towhee splashed.

And splashed some more.

Even if you never feed birds, if you can provide water, you'll get lots of takers! 

I think he did not like an audience.

Soaking wet!


LaNelle said...

Love your colors for Lizzie! Wow! Fantastic shot of Raven and Vulture should be of birds are great too watching them at bird bath....have a fantastic week Beth!

RJ said...

Love your new stitches Beth. You have the most interesting birds in your part of the country. I love the green nose. Have a great week. RJ

Barb said...

Great photos! I love the profile especially the raven and the bath pictures are such fun!