Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday's Afternoon Walk

I guess it will be an afternoon walk this week.
Still the skies are blue, there's a bit of a breeze and the temperature is moderate.
Off we go.

Lots of white flowers this time of year.



Douglas fir cones

Hazel nuts - I've been watching the chipmunks harvest them.

It's a wonderful year for Columbia lilies - there are eight plants in full bloom.

The first of the blackberries.

Corn lilies.

Pink blossoms of blackberries.

For years our performing arts curtain was of blackberry blossoms.

Bitter cherries are ripening...

...and the Robins are eating them lickity-split.


Douglas' Spirea is budding out.

Right now I think that the Ocean Spray is the star of the show.


RJ said...

I want to go on a walk with you. It is so pretty! RJ

Barb said...

I love all your walks. The wild flowers are so pretty this time of year.

Mary said...

I love talking walks with you, your so informative. Do the hazelnuts grow wild? We order our Hazelnuts from a farm in Oregon, it would be neat to go out and pick your own.

Rhodesia said...

Lovely walk, so pretty. Diane