Monday, August 21, 2017

So Much Going On

So much is going on presently. Excuse me if I ramble.
Next up, Heartstring Samplery's "Tree Swallow".

News, news news.  Today the Solar Eclipse begins at the Oregon coast and makes an arc across the entire state. We are just outside the path of totality, with an expected 97-98% solar coverage.  As estimates are that over 1 million out of state visitors are here for the eclipse, we're not going anywhere!  Can you say Gridlock?  All the campgrounds, rental cars, and hotels are booked.  We have our eclipse glasses and will watch this morning.  My fear is of further 'accidental' forest fires with all the out of state folks who have no idea how dry and dangerous it is here.  We already have fire fighter crews from Alaska and other states helping out with our largest fires.  Here's hope for a safe Oregon State Eclipse Event.

As I mentioned previously, I'm finally blogging about my Great Michigan Adventure.  I pondered how to do it, and decided to back post to the dates in late July and early August that the events occurred. I will post links on my current posts as I do so.

Here are links for Sunday, July 30th.
I encourage you to take a look.     

It's time for my Weekly Woodpecker Report.
I'm pretty sure this is a woodpecker feather.
Probably a Hairy Woodpecker.

The Hairy Woodpeckers have been very active. 

look closely, there's a woodpecker tongue!



I think the male is a young bird - the red on the head appears to be transitioning from the top of his head to the back of his head.

He's good about posing.

Saturday morning there were two female Hairy Woodpeckers. 

That's something I've not seen since the birds fledged.

And a Red-breasted Sapsucker came by for a couple of days.

They are harder to 'shoot' as they do not come to the feeders... 

...and when on the trees, they are moving constantly.

This photo pleased me greatly!
I had no idea the Acorn Woodpecker was in the background until I looked at this photo on my computer.
Two for the Price of One!

I have seen my pair of Acorn Woodpeckers. 

Here's the male...

...and here he is again.

He does like my cylinder nut feeder. 

I've seen as many as three Flickers at the same time.

And while I did NOT see any Downy Woodpeckers, I was happy to have a Pileated Woodpecker stop by. 

This is a male bird - Red head to the front of the bill and a red mustache.

Thanks for stopping by!

Here's hoping we in Oregon have a safe and successful Statewide Eclipse Party! 


LaNelle said...

Looking forward to seeing your stitching pretty piece..thinking of all in your state today & praying all goes well, enjoy this great moment! wonderful woodpecker photo's my next favorite birds to the hummingbirds.....

Robin in Virginia said...

What a great next project to be working on, Beth! I pray there are no more additions to the current fires that are blazing and the day goes smoothly for your area and state. Super woodpeckers photos!

Annette-California said...

Beautiful new project and your fabric is beautiful. Enjoy the eclipse. We have our eclipse glasses too. Your photos are the best. You even got a photo of a woodpeckers tongue! love Annette

Mouse said...

hope you had a wonderful eclipse sighting :) gorgeous photos of all the birds :) love mouse xxxx

Barb said...

I thought about you today. We had about 96%. The lighting was strange and the shadows very long at 10am. The biggest thing we noticed was the cooler temps.

Maggee said...

We weren't in the path of totality, so I didn't bother worrying about the eclipse. I did hope that your state did NOT get more fires started. Great group of woodpecker shots! Very hard to pick a favorite, but as for best shot--that has to be the one with the Acorn Woodpecker in the background of the Sapsucker! Surprise!

phann son said...

Oh your cardinal stitch is great Beth! I love those fuzzy, little babies!!