Saturday, August 5, 2017

July Photos - Trail Camera #1

No bobcats this month...


Black-headed Grosbeaks



Adorable fawn

Buck headed left...

...headed right.

The water has been most appreciated this month.
My Dad tops it off a couple of times a week.

Deer on the move and bird in flight.


Buck licking his chops - must be thirsty. 

Everyone is thirsty.

On the move.

I like the play of the light in this photo.

Do you sense a pattern?

Coming up from crossing the creek.

Muscular and proud.

This month's surprise - a coyote. 

We haven't seen one in several years.

Not as much bear activity this month.

A car hit a bear near our house, so I think we are down to one animal.


Mary said...

So many visitors!! I feel sad about the bear being hit. Neat that you saw the coyote, I just hear them here. Have a great weekend. Mary

Vickie said...

Be glad you don't see the coyotes! Really! I wish I did not see them. That is awful about the bear.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

That's so sad about the bear Beth, I wish drivers were more careful around animals. I feel that some people don't make an effort to avoid them sometimes - mind you I can't see that being the case with a bear.

Angie said...

Beth, love seeing all the animals. I agree with Ann, wish people would slow down. I saw two beautiful young fawns dead on the road last week. So sad!

Stewart M said...

I'm working thought my travel pictures in order - so my trail cam shots will be along in a week or two. Although I can tell you that there are no bears!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Frances N said...

Such fun to see who comes for a visit!
I love the various animals...too sad about the bear...

Maggee said...

Looks like a Deer watering hole, with a few others mixed in here and there! The coyote is interesting to see!And one bear is just fine! But sorry to hear one got hit... that's never good... WE humans are the encroachers! Hugs!