Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday's Critters

Warning - lots of critters - lots of photos.

Every photo of a chipmunk is a cute one... do you chose?

Even when they are annoying...

In his natural habitat.

Chipmunk Chase

Literally under my feet.

Parvati is right here you dummy!


More eating in my potted plant!

Enough already -bunnies are better!

Everyone knows that to be true - Big Bunnies...

...and Baby Bunnies.

Two 'new' squirrels have shown up.

These are Douglas Squirrels named for the plantsman and explorer David Douglas. 

They were very vocal as they chased one another - and sound like no other squirrel I've ever heard.  Take a listen here.

They are smaller than Gray Squirrels, but larger than the chipmunks.

It's been a good week for deer.

Here's a handsome young buck...

...and a disinterested doe!

Take a look at this studly guy!

He is dominate and he knows it.

Amazing animal!


Vickie said...

I had never seen OR heard a Douglas Squirrel til now Beth. How interesting and different. We have Gray Squirrels here. When we lived 25 minutes north of here 10 years ago, we had Red Squirrels.

MaryO said...

Fantastic post. Didn't know anything about Douglas squirrels-they almost sound like birds! We have verynrun-of-the-mill gray squirrels. My husband calls them "tree rats". They compete w/the scrub jays for peanuts.😊🐿

MaryO said...

The deer are soooooo beautiful!

Robin in Virginia said...

Fabulous critter pictures! I always learn something (this time, Douglas squirrels) when I visit your blog, Beth. What handsome bucks you have visiting! Enjoy your weekend!

blueladie said...

Wonderful pictures. I always enjoy them. :) Cathryn


Oh--I love allll these photos--how lucky you are to live where you can take so many photos of wild life and then to share them--
enjoy the moments, di

CathieJ said...

I love the wildlife photos. Just bunnies and squirrels here, but our squirrels chatter. They don't sound anything like the Douglas squirrels.

Barb said...

You always have such wonderful pictures of your critters! That deer is quite amazing. I chased two(not like him) out of my garden today.

Maggee said...

Great pictures! You are so lucky to have all those critters running around your property, which is almost like a Refuge! I see bunnies around a lot now, and a few Grey squirrels. This is the slow time... Hugs!