Friday, August 25, 2017

Crazy Good Birding - Part Two

As part of the Crazy Good Birding theme, I felt compelled to start work on Heartstring Samplery's "Tree Swallow".  Love the colors.  This is going to be a frame-worthy piece - I can already tell.

With all the Summer Special Birds, it wouldn't do to forget the All Year Long Birds like this Chestnut-backed Chickadee. 

I am seeing one, two, or three of these birds that normally are AWOL at the feeders in the summer.

I am glad they are present this summer.

I also have a nice group of Black-capped Chickadees.

They are often in mixed flocks with other birds like...

Special Bird #6...a Wilson's Warbler!

A small bright flashing flit of yellow. 

Bird Number Seven is this adorable Willow Flycatcher.

Wednesday evening I discovered there were two Willow Flycatchers.

That probably helps to explain why I am seeing this bird with some frequency.

In the morning the Flycatcher sits quietly in the hazel brush and does not exhibit typical flycatcher behavior.  

"Huh?" he asked, "Explain what you mean."

Listen up bird.  You and your kind are famous for perching out on the edge or top of a branch and then sallying out on a short circular flight to bring back an insect to your perch to eat.  And doing that again and again and again. 

"I'll keep that in mind when the temperature warms up and the insects are out and about."

Bird Number Eight - the always cheerful Bewick's Wren.  Someone I do not often see though an All Year Around Bird.

Good Bird Number Nine - a female Western Tanager.

She's been another quiet morning visitor. Doesn't vocalize.

It's easy to mistake her for an American Goldfinch except that she is substantially larger.

I like this preening photo as it shows off how bright yellow her tail feathers are.

She sat all puffed up...

...fluffing her feathers.

When birds pose, I click away on my camera...

I am hoping the male Western Tanager drops by too.

The biggest surprise so far this week is this Olive-sided Flycatcher. I was typing away on my computer and looked out the window to find him flycatching from atop our deer fence.  The photo is through a window and so not very clear.  The OSF is much larger than the Willow - 8" to 5".  And has a distinctive call that some folks think sounds like 'Quick! Three Beers!'.  Take a listen to the Typical Voice here.  

And now off to Michigan we's the link to Road Trip - Day 4 - My Michigan Adventure. Enjoy!


MaryO said...

Fantastic, absolutely beautiful. You're a master at finding these wonderful birds and getting grest pics. Thanks for making my day.

Barb said...

All those flycatchers are wonderful. That stitched bird is going to be beautiful. The colors seem quite accurate. Now I'm off the the Michigan post!

Maggee said...

Another wonderful post, filled with lots of 'good' birds! TWO Flycatchers!! Awesome! You got some really great poses from the Willow! And the female Western Tanager... gee... Tanagers spend a very tiny amount of time in our area. Great find! Not to say I don't adore the Chickadees and Wrens, cause they bring regular amounts of cuteness during the active seasons! Congrats again, on some terrific finds in your yard and area! Hugs!

Joseph Shields said...

The Western Tanager is so pretty all puffed up...I never saw a chestnut chickadee, now I have to see if they are even in this area. The black capped are sure abundant here. Great catch on the flycathers! Mary