Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Birds Birds Birds

Well I chose the Chickadees to stitch next.  The photo is in the second row, on the far left. 

Birding continues to be very good...

...except when this guy (Cooper's Hawk) comes by. Then I go 20-30 minutes without anyone at the feeders.

Otherwise, there are California Scrub Jays...

...and Black-capped Chickadees...

...and Song Sparrows.

The Song Sparrows are singing again.

I still have lots of Quail though I'm sure that the bobcats and hawks have picked off some.

I do know that this widower used to have the care of three chicks.

And now he is guardian to just one.

Watch and beware.

A young Rufous Towhee.

I'm hearing and seeing small groups of Cedar Waxwings once again.
I think the Hawthorns are flush with ripe berries.  These birds also supplement their fruit and berry diet with insects as needed.

I've been hearing Red-breasted Nuthatches off in the distance.
Then this one flew in... 

...and this one came even closer (on the right).

Gotta love something that can eat upside down. It puts my eating in  bed while reading to shame.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Poor Parvati was oblivious:-) Lovely birds Beth.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Cooper's Hawk is very handsome. Another set of wonderful birding photos, Beth. Your Purple Martin stitch from yesterday is darling.

LaNelle said...

Your really on a roll with your stitching Beth! Birding photos are wonderful as usual 😍

MaryO said...

Beautiful, as always.

I had a Cooper's Hawk ALMOST get a squirrel several years ago. Like you, I realized all the birds had "flown", but this squirrel was focused on eating peanuts. The hawk swooped down and that poor little squirrel was running for his life. The hawk almost had him, his talons were tickling the squirrel's tummy when, WHOOSH, the squirrel hit "hyperspace" and outran death. Literally.

Life and (almost) death in a surburban California backyard.


Barb said...

As my wise Dad would have said, hawks are there for a reason even when they catch your little birds! Hot!Hot! here!!!! Nasty I am so sick of no rain and the hot sun!! and the gray smoky sky!

deb said...

Love chickadees in any form, stitched or feathered. You are zooming through these PS birds - such fun to watch! Marvelous bird pictures today, as always.

Maggee said...

Poor little quails... I know it is a cycle of life, but... sad face. By now, you are probably finished with the Chickadees! They are fun to stitch! Hugs!